Friday, February 7, 2014

Mesa Karate Classes - A Real Kick

A torii, or shinto gate stands in water.
At one martial arts school in Mesa, Arizona, a group of engineers, university faculty, students, scientists, teachers, accountants, lawyers, electricians, medical professions began their year by training in the Traditional Okinawan Martial Arts. The reason why this school attracts so many professions is due to the legitimacy of the martial arts association as well as the head instructor's affiliation with various  universities (he taught martial arts for nearly 40 years at four different universities).

On Tuesdays, our group of martial artists ranging from black belts to white belts train in basics and forms known as kata. In the later advanced class, the group is learning the Passai Dai kata while reviewing other kata. Wednesday evenings, the group trains in self-defense and bunkai (applications from kata) and we started focusing on defense against armed attackers. This early self-defense class is followed by a samurai arts where class attendees are focusing on naginata (halberd) and this is followed by Shitai Kori (body hardening).

Warming up at the Arizona Hombu dojo in Mesa Gilbert, Arizona
Thursday evening starts with Okinawan kobudo (martial arts weapons) and the group is currently learning bunkai for nunchaku and learning the complex Nunchaku Yondan kata. This is followed by a second kobudo class where the attendees are learning to use hanbo (half-pole) and nitanbo (two sticks).

Soke Hausel, the Arizona School of Traditional Karate's head instructor, celebrated a Golden Anniversary in Martial Arts in 2014. He began martial arts training in 1964 and was invited for induction to another Hall-of-Fame in 2014 and nominated for 2015 Marquis Who's Who in America and 2015 Who's Who in the World.

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