Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mesa Arizona Samurai Celebrates Birthday

Our samurai from the Arizona
(photo by Bill Borea).
Just before Christmas of 2011, the Arizona School of Traditional Karate student body celebrated the birthday of the Staff Samurai at the Arizona School of Traditional Karate (Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert, Arizona). Paula Borea spent her early years in the 'Land of the Sun' and returned to Japan later in life with her husband Bill (retired Air Force pilot). While in Japan and doing historical research, they found information showing that Paula has samurai lineage - no wonder why all of the guys at the dojo fear her! On her birthday, and at the Hombu Christmas party, Sensei Paula showed up in one of her kimono and then dissected her birthday cake with katana () (日本刀 samurai sword). For some reason, no one wanted to lick the icing from the katana?

Bill and Paula are two very important members of our martial arts group in Mesa, Arizona (Arizona School of Traditional Karate). We all take great pride in practicing traditional Okinawan-Japanese-American martial arts and being members of a Ryu () (family).

 Our Arizona members of our Mesa martial arts school include a wide variety of professionals such as geoscientists, biologists, university professors, teachers, engineers, nutritionists, retired military, secretaries, accountants, house wives, students, computer techs, librarians, cooks, etc. In our international organization (Seiyo No Shorin-Ryu Karate Kobudo Kai) we also have members who include doctors, chemists, lawyers, law enforcement agents, counsellors, biochemists, priests, janitors, etc.  So don't be shy - stop by!

Note how well the cake was cut - and by a samurai sword!